About CCS

Thad Parker

We are the original Console Cleaning company and have been cleaning and maintaining ALL brands of dispatch consoles for 11 years.

Communication Center Specialists (CCS) is a small veteran owned business that truly cares about your dispatch center and the people who work there! CCS was founded in 2008 from the need we saw in 9-1-1 communication centers for a maintenance program to keep consoles clean, free of dirt/dust, and protected from regular wear and tear. Our team of highly trained and expert professionals are very familiar with dispatch centers and other console environments. .

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of CCS, Thad Parker, realized prior to starting this company that most centers have a janitorial staff that will clean around the consoles but rarely in, on and underneath them. Removing debris, liquid spills, dust mites and allergens from the dispatcher’s primary work environment ensures your equipment continues to operate at its highest level.

Maintenance & Repair: Broken doors, console legs not working, loose screws or hinges? Many small items of repair like these are neglected for simply being too small to call the manufacturer to fix, or too large for on-site personnel to repair. At CCS we view these as problems to be solved simply by a visit from our highly trained and caring team members.

Detailed Deep Cleaning: CCS takes the health of your team and the importance of their jobs VERY seriously. Our deep cleaning process is designed to keep your center LIVE and operating, while we work to clean and disinfect your dispatch consoles.

CJIS Certified: All of our employees are CJIS Certified, and we can meet your individual requirements before coming into your center.

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