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Our Mission

Dedicated to the preventative maintenance, detailed cleaning and product solutions for console furniture in 9-1-1 dispatch facilities and other mission critical console marketplaces across America.

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    We take the health of your team and the importance of the jobs you do VERY seriously. Our team of professionals are familiar with 9-1-1 dispatch and other console environments.

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    CJIS Certified

    Our entire team is 100% certified through the 
Criminal Justice Information Services, meaning you can be confident all of our work will be done professionally, securely and respectfully.

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Services & Solutions

We offer a wide variety of professional services to help keep your consoles, furniture and facilities clean.

  • Detailed Cleaning

    Detailed Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance Service

    We provide a once or twice a year service that is designed to keep your center "LIVE" during the process. Our system allows your end users to do their jobs with minimal interruptions and noise while keeping the security of your center intact. This services can be competed on any console manufacturer. Please contact us for a detailed list of our specific processes and procedures during this service.

  • Project Management

    Project Management/Console Furniture Relocation

    Un-installation and Reinstallation of consoles is a cinch with C*C*S! No matter the console brand we have the expertise to move, disassemble and reassemble your consoles. Whether it be across a room or across town, we are prepared to move you and your dispatch center on YOUR time frame.

  • Wire Management

    Wire Management

    One of the most critical issues on all consoles is lack of wire management and lack of using the correct channels provided. Keyboard, mice, power cables and speaker wires often inhibit the console from raising and lowering to its full limit as well. 

C*C*S will develop a wire management solution utilizing your existing network as well as additions to increase it’s efficiency. We can determine what extensions you need, provide you with recommendations on how to fix any issues and even order parts for you.

  • Clorox

    Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

    Take a peek at the "fine print" on your current wipes. To disinfect you have to keep the work surface wet for 3 to 10 minutes depending on the brand! Our Hydrogen Peroxide based wipes have low to no scent and kill 36 different viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds to one minute! You have your team in the right habit, now give them the tool to actually disinfect! See the WIPES tab for more details! *Available in canisters (110ct) as well as (800ct) refill packs with flip top bucket.

  • Palite LED Status Lights

    Palite LED Status Lights

    Who doesn't need a little light? These lights come in multiple configurations. Contact us to get your quote today. • 12V or 24V • Available in Flashing • Up to 5 stackable lights • Various Mounting Configurations • Available with Alarms

  • Steam Clean Seating

    Steam Clean Seating

    Dust Mites LOVE your chairs and guess what?? They are never cleaned!! We can professionally Steam Clean your seating with a commercial cleaner to kill the present dust mites. The Steam is so HOT and fine that it usually takes no more than 15 minutes to dry. Regular cleanings will help keep your dust mite population at bay!!

  • Bergvik Raised Tech Flooring

    Bergvik Raised Tech Flooring

    Engineered for applications where changing technology requires future modifications. Unique solid panel construction with tapered edges assures all panels stay flush. The laminate finish is extremely wear-resistant and easy-to-clean. Floor panels are also available in other surface finishes suitable for any project.

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